Tragedy struck on February 18th 1942 when two U.S Navy ships were wrecked near St.Lawrence. The 1200 ton destroyer the USS Truxtun crashed ashore at Chamber Cove and the USS Pollux ran aground at Lawn Point. The USS Wilkes was also a part of the fleet but managed to free herself. Over two hundred sailors lost their lives that day but thanks to the efforts of the local miner's and the residents of our community 186 lives were saved. 

The men from the mines were the first at the scene after hearing the news from a sailor who managed to reach land, scale the cliffs and find his way to the mine. With equipment in tow they rushed to the scene and began rescuing the sailors by lowering themselves over the cliffs and carrying them back up to safety . When the news of the crash reached the town, community members joined the rescue efforts. They worked tirelessly that day risking their own lives to help those in need.

The sailors were brought to Iron Springs Mine as quickly as possible where a dry-house was used as a first aid station. The men covered in oil and water soaked were bathed, fed and provided with clothing by the men and women of the town then taken into their homes to be cared for. After a couple days of recuperation they were taken  by salvage ships to the hospital in Argentia. 

In recognition of the heroic effort of the local townspeople the U.S. government donated The United States Memorial Hospital which was built in 1954.