Take a walk along the cragged coastline and retrace the steps of the survivors and rescuers of the naval ship the USS Truxtun that was crashed ashore at Chamber Cove on a dark and stormy night in 1942. The miners and citizens of St.Lawrence braved the stormy seas and ice covered cliffs, risking their own lives to save the sailors from the oil infested waters.

After crossing the Memorial Bridge just past Iron Springs you will come to a fork in the road, straight ahead is the Chamber Cove Trail and to the left is the Bergeron Trail. Our suggestion is to take the Chamber Cove Trail on the way there and the Bergeron Trail on the way back, to embark on the same path the young sailor took that fateful night when he scaled the icy cliffs, endured the stormy weather and made his way to the mine searching for help.

The two trails meet about half way through the 40 minute hike and there's a gazebo with breathtaking views of the ocean, a great place to stop for a rest or just take in the beautiful scenery. Continue along the path and up the stairs to reach the cliffs of Chamber cove where a new monument has just been erected to to pay tribute to the Truxtun and Pollux disaster of 1942.

Roughly a ten minute hike from there you will reach the Pinnacle Head the highest peak of land in the area with stunning views of Chamber Cove, Red Head and Lawn Point. It was from the top of the Pinnacle that two men were lowered down in a dory to save the lives of two sailors that were clinging to wreckage in the icy waters below.

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Chamber cove Trail